Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hole in One!

Anytime you plan a golf tournament (or anything outside) in Oklahoma in the month of MAY you're taking your chances. Rain, snow, hail, freezing temps, tornadoes, 110 degree weather, high winds, or even sunshine...the possibilities are endless. On May 7th we took our chances and ended up with an amazing day, despite some mild wind. (Okay MAYBE it was a little more than mild wind.)

The 2010 Jerry Funck Benefit Golf Tournament was a HUGE SUCCESS! (If you don't remember who Jerry is you can read all about him HERE. His daughter Rachael works for Heritage as well.)

The tournament started at 11:30...and everyone was literally blown around the course until about 5:00 PM!

After the tournament we had a cook-out to announce the tournament winners. Our owner, Dave, stepped up to the plate (or grill in this case) and cooked burgers and hot dogs for everyone! YUM!
The golf carts lined up to get some grub! Good stuff!

We could not have pulled off the tournament if it wasn't for our amazing sponsors!

The Bank of Union
Gemini Motor Transport
Clampitt Paper
Dr Pepper
Roger Hicks & Associates
Musket Corporation
Gemini Coatings
SONIC Restaurants Inc.
S&S Promotions

Tinker Federal Credit Union
Stifel Nicolas
Budget, Box & Bag
Scott & Ashli Ramsay Family
The Shelley Family
Heritage Bindery & Shipping
Prisco Printers Service
Barton Solvents Inc.
Larry & Kathy Miller Family
Kergan Brothers SONIC
Adhesive Compounders
Printing Products, Inc.
Scale Source
Flint Group
Adams McClure
Heritage Employees

Because of their donations and generosity we exceeded our goal and were able to present Jerry with a $6800 check last Friday!

He was speechless.

We love you Jerry & Rachael!!