Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It’s the Fonz! Fonzie was great, right? Everyone liked him!

I mean really, what parent wouldn’t like some older, biker dude hanging out with their high school age children? I remember watching those Nick-at-Nite reruns of Happy Days and I so badly wanted to be Pinky Tuscadero. I’m sure it was the name that I was drawn too, not the tight black pants and pink silky jacket. (Although I would totally wear one of those jackets if I had it!)

Well the creative department at Visual Image Advertising revived the Fonz for The City of Oklahoma City Utilities Department.

Meet FOGzie...
FOGzie wants you to put a lid on it, and he wants to talk to you about FOG!! (That’s Fats, Oils and Grease!) Fats, Oils, and Grease cause a lot of damage to your sink, pipes, and drainage system. This door hanger was created with a green plastic lid attached. FOGzie recommends this, “When you’ve got a bunch of grease dump it in an empty soup can, you can put this lid on the can and stick it in the freezer. After it freezes take the lid off and throw the can away. No mess, no worries, no problems, ya dig it? Take it from a cool guy like me, this lid can save you some major moolah!”

Pretty cool, aaaaaay? (Granted this is for people who cook with more than just their microwave, so I guess I’m out.) FOGzie even has his own website…check it out!

The FOGzie door hanger was printed here at Heritage (I’m sure you figured that out by now!) We worked with the great team over at Visual Image to make sure we got the right stock and construction to hold that light weight plastic lid in place. There were several stock dummies and mock ups created that were kicked around and abused! They wanted to pick something sturdy to insure that once FOGzie was placed on a door knob he & his lid would stay attached. They decided this design was the most durable and displayed FOGzie’s message and lid the best!

I think FOGzie is going to be a huge hit, and will really help educate people on FOG and how to properly dispose of it. So next time you’re frying up a steak sandwich, french fries, and a batch of Twinkies.. ….think to yourself “What would FOGzie do?”

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I can’t lie to you, I’m addicted to this video website. I love making these videos, and I am SURE it’s not the last time you’ll see one of these videos pop up on our blog. And, don’t be surprised if you see me on some awards show for best director or something. Okay really I just upload the pictures and the video is created for me, it’s so easy a 2nd grader could do it…..but I should get some sort of credit!!

The holidays are rapidly approaching! I don’t care if you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah….whatever the case…it’s coming up. AND that means you need to come up with a way to say thank you to your employees and customers for a great 2009!

Maybe 2009 has been challenging and you can’t do much, but you’d like to do something…we can help. OR, maybe 2009 was very prosperous and you’d like to say a big thank you…we can help with that too.

Our ASI team (remember them from this post) is so talented! They have the knowledge and resources to find pretty much anything you could ever want! You might not have a clue about what gifts to give...they can help you with ideas! Maybe you’re looking for something classy and timeless like a fancy engraved silver ink pen set, or a fur blanket!

Or, possibly you want to go with something fun & different.

Really different.

Really, really different…..

Okay, maybe that’s TOO different. The office Butt-Station may not be for everyone. Really nothing says “Happy Holidays” like someone sitting on a toilet, holding all your office supplies. (I think allergy medicine is effecting the quality of this post, I apologize.)

Just know that we can help you with all your holiday needs. Shopping now insures that stock won’t run low and guarantees that you’ll have your items before the holiday rush.

Don’t forget we also do something else around here….we print! So once you’ve designed that unique, fun, meaningful, inspiring Christmas card, have it printed here at Heritage!!

It’s only…

91 Days
13 Hours
41 Minutes until Christmas!

...But who's counting?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meet Curtis

This week is the first week for us to bring you a new feature we’d like to call “Meet & Greet”. Occasionally we’ll introduce you to someone from our amazing staff. (Sounds exciting, right?)

I know you read the title “Meet Curtis” and you’re thinking tell me more about this Curtis fellow. Well, my friend, it’s your lucky day. Here’s everything you never wanted to know about Curtis T. Jones.

The T stands for:
a) Thomas b) Troy c)Tyrone d) Tiger e) T-bone

You’ll have to wait for the answer, I’m not gonna give that away so soon!

Curtis has been in the printing industry for 24 years, and he attended Central State University. (For our readers under the age of 25, Central State’s the old name for UCO. The really old name. Really, really, really old name.)

He moved to Atlanta in 1989 and went to work for a Sales Incentive Marketing firm, and then left there to work for his largest print vendor as the plant manager. He moved back to Oklahoma in 1995, and started calling friends in the "biz" and they said, “You should go to work for Dave at Heritage!” It took several interviews but somehow Dave was tricked into hiring Curtis as a salesmen. Curtis also took on the responsibility of heading up the estimating department, until Dave tricked him into accepting the position as Chief Manufacturing Officer. He did that until 2005, and at that time Curtis went back to Atlanta to take care of some family biznas. (I say biznas, because that’s true Curtis lingo.) So he got back taking care of his family biznas in 2007 and somehow Curtis tricked Dave again, and he was hired to head up the sales team. And here we are today Curtis Tyrone Jones, Director of Sales & Marketing.

Because we love Curtis so much, we’ve compiled the “Top 10 Nicest Things We Could Think to Say About Curtis” list….

10. He’s smarter than your average bear. (We don’t know many bears, but we can only imagine he HAS to be smarter than one.)
9. He’s fun to drink with.
8. If Curtis gives you one of his dress shirts you don't have to worry about the sleeves being too long.
7. He’s an excel God. (Really! We bow to you, oh great one.)
6. Curtis is a great teacher… IF you can get him to sit still long enough to teach you something. (Can you say A.D.D? “Oh look, a chicken”)
5. He can design a pop-up, funky shaped, complicated box with his eyes closed. Then once it’s designed, he shows you how cool it is, over and over, and over.
4. He has more golf shoes then dress shoes
3. He moved to Atlanta and missed us so much, he had to come back…or the authorities made him, we’re not really sure!
2. He’s addicted to Drawords, and his true goal in life is to win one week, and be published on their site. (If you’re not addicted to Drawords yet, check it out…you won’t be able to stop yourself.)

And the #1 Nicest Thing We Could Think to Say About Curtis is...
1. He’s a great dad, great friend, and great to work with. (Awww man, that one’s gonna go right to his head.)

Now lets talk about the real reason we’re featuring “Meet Curtis” this week. On Monday, September 21st, Curtis is getting hitched, tying the knot, taking the plunge….YEP he’s getting married to a doll named Lisa Ontiveros. (Yeah, Lisa we know why you’re marrying him, you want the last name Jones instead of Ontiveros…smart move.) So why should YOU care about their wedding? Because you’re invited!! Yes that’s right, you can attend their wedding, and you don’t even have to bring a gift. They're getting married in Las Vegas and it’s going to be web cast! (Which I think is super cool, hence the need to blog about it.)

All you need to do is CLICK HERE!

Select “View Live Weddings”
Select “Other Cameras”
Select “The Terrace”

Again, it’s Monday, September 21st at 5:00 PM (CST).

Congratulations Curtis & Lisa... and they lived happily...EVEN after!" (What? Isn't that how the saying goes?)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Over A Billion Served Daily

Okay so we don’t serve up a billion post cards “daily” but we’ve printed a few million post cards for this powerhouse company. Trost Consulting has partnered with Heritage for the past couple of years, and we work closely with them to provide high quality post cards for their clients.

Trost specializes in television, marketing, and direct mail campaigns.

Not only does Tracy Trost own Trost Consulting, he also owns Trost Moving Pictures. Did you catch that folks, Moving Pictures = Movies. Yes that’s right, he’s a film director. How cool is that? (Oh by the way Tracy, I did have leading roles in my high school performances of The Miracle Worker, Alice in Wonderland, and 1940’s Radio Hour. I’m just saying, if you ever needed…someone for tryouts...maybe...yeah okay, just have your people call my people.)

Okay, okay back to the movie….FIND ME, the first feature film of Trost Moving Pictures actually began in a company meeting when Tracy challenged his employees to clearly define a life goal and take little steps each day to make it happen.

To his surprise, one employee turned the tables on her boss and asked him what his dream was and
what steps he was taking to make it happen. As it turned out, Tracy hadn't taken any steps towards his goal of directing a feature film at the time and wanting to set the precedent for his employees, he
took his first step right then and there.

The journey started with a multitude of rough drafts and rewrites of the script that would eventually become FIND ME. Then, in November of 2008 an outpouring of Tracy's closest friends descended on Tulsa, OK to help make his dream a reality. FIND ME was shot in only 9 days, a monumental feat and then after months of editing, scoring, and graphics it was released on DVD May 30, 2009 to great reviews.
FIND ME is a story of faith, hope, and forgiveness and revolves around the sport of geocaching. It follows two college students who stumble into a kidnapper's deadly game and must face the choices of their past as they work to rescue a Senator's son who has been kidnapped. (Get your copy today!)

Not one to rest after the realization of his dream, Tracy has already begun working on his second
feature film, a Christmas themed movie that he is planning on shooting this winter and releasing
during the 2010 holiday season.

And as they say in the movies, "He lived happily ever after..."

The End

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kicking Off Football Season Right…

One of the many things we do here at Heritage is host websites and web stores, b2b and b2c sites (that’s business to business sites and business to consumer sites, just in case you didn’t know!)

We host the OU Store for the OU Alumni Association. Not only is the OU Alumni Association great, so is the online store! There’s a ton of cool and unique OU merchandise and we house it all in our warehouse here at Heritage. You can check the website out yourself and while you’re at it….go ahead and buy something too!

The Alumni Association provides members a networking outlet to visit with old friends and to meet other Sooners in their area. Plus, the Alumni Association helps keep alumni informed of campus activities as well as sponsor events, such as watch parties, picnics, special guest speakers, and numerous other fun activities. As a member, you join the ranks of Sooners who demonstrate their dedication and commitment to the University. Being a member of the OU Alumni Association will identify you as an individual who is dedicated to maintaining Sooner Excellence. The University of Oklahoma Alumni Association is a vital asset to the university and your participation aids in ensuring the valued traditions of your alma mater. The Association also provides you countless benefits, including Sooner Magazine, Homecoming Weekend, Reunions and other alumni events. If you’re an OU Alum and you’re not a member…you should join today!

It’s your lucky day! We’re giving stuff away…I’m so excited!!! In honor of OU having their first game this Saturday against BYU, we’re having a little contest. Answer this short 10 question survey (all the answers are here in the blog) and you could win a OU Nike baseball cap OR a OU Nike t-shirt. We will draw two names (one winner will win the cap, the other will win the t-shirt). Deadline to take the survey is Tuesday, September 8th. I know you’re thinking “what’s the catch” and I’m sure you’ve got questions…so let’s answer those questions…
Q. There’s really only 10 questions?
Q. All the answers are in the blog?
A. Yes, I wouldn’t lie to you.
Q. Can I tell all my OU friends to take the survey?
A. Heck Yeah!
Q. Can anyone purchase items off the OU store website, even if they're not OU Alumni?
A. Of course!
Q. Anyone can take the survey?
A. YES, anyone!
Q. I’m an OU Alum, should I join the OU Alumni Association today?
A. FOR sure! What are you waiting on?

After you join the OU Alumni Association, take 5 minutes and fill out the survey, good luck…and GO OU!!!!