Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It’s the Fonz! Fonzie was great, right? Everyone liked him!

I mean really, what parent wouldn’t like some older, biker dude hanging out with their high school age children? I remember watching those Nick-at-Nite reruns of Happy Days and I so badly wanted to be Pinky Tuscadero. I’m sure it was the name that I was drawn too, not the tight black pants and pink silky jacket. (Although I would totally wear one of those jackets if I had it!)

Well the creative department at Visual Image Advertising revived the Fonz for The City of Oklahoma City Utilities Department.

Meet FOGzie...
FOGzie wants you to put a lid on it, and he wants to talk to you about FOG!! (That’s Fats, Oils and Grease!) Fats, Oils, and Grease cause a lot of damage to your sink, pipes, and drainage system. This door hanger was created with a green plastic lid attached. FOGzie recommends this, “When you’ve got a bunch of grease dump it in an empty soup can, you can put this lid on the can and stick it in the freezer. After it freezes take the lid off and throw the can away. No mess, no worries, no problems, ya dig it? Take it from a cool guy like me, this lid can save you some major moolah!”

Pretty cool, aaaaaay? (Granted this is for people who cook with more than just their microwave, so I guess I’m out.) FOGzie even has his own website…check it out!

The FOGzie door hanger was printed here at Heritage (I’m sure you figured that out by now!) We worked with the great team over at Visual Image to make sure we got the right stock and construction to hold that light weight plastic lid in place. There were several stock dummies and mock ups created that were kicked around and abused! They wanted to pick something sturdy to insure that once FOGzie was placed on a door knob he & his lid would stay attached. They decided this design was the most durable and displayed FOGzie’s message and lid the best!

I think FOGzie is going to be a huge hit, and will really help educate people on FOG and how to properly dispose of it. So next time you’re frying up a steak sandwich, french fries, and a batch of Twinkies.. ….think to yourself “What would FOGzie do?”


  1. Very cute. I'm with you, since I barely know how to fry an egg, it may not be something usable in my home, but I bet it made a memorable impression with the "frying" generation. Although, that's probably less a generational thing, and more a "I prefer a hot meal vs. cereal for dinner" thing.

  2. What are you saying?? Cereal is one of the food groups, isn't it???? ; ) Thanks for commenting Tara!


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