Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Partnership

We're always excited when we embark on new partnerships with vendors, customers & clients, but this recent partnership is different...exciting, and different, and we're excited to share the news with you.

First, some history...
The Center of Family Love, located in Okarche, Oklahoma, serves as a safe haven and home for over 117 developmentally challenged adults of all ages and abilities. Now in their 30th year, CFL provides a true continuum of care for the challenged adult.
Recently Heritage was set up as a work environment enclave for CFL residents. What does this mean? Well, as an enclave CFL residents come to Heritage to work, and work right alongside Heritage fulfillment employees kitting items and fulfilling certain projects when appropriate. A CFL job coach is assigned to encourage the employees and to ensure that projects and tasks are being completed.

Now for some good ol' fashioned quotes...

David Hardin is Director of Vocational Services at CFL and believes it’s a perfect situation for their folks to work. He said, “It gives them self confidence and makes them excited to come to work each day.”
(This picture was taken when David Hardin & Larry Smith came out to visit the CFL residents working at Heritage.)

Larry Smith, State Use Administrator and Contracting Officer, is pleased with the partnership as well, and said “The CFL residents are happy at Heritage; it brings joy to us knowing that they’re happy and thriving in a safe work environment.”

The enclave partnership between CFL and Heritage is rapidly growing as new projects arrive each week. Curtis Jones, our VP of Sales at Heritage, said “I’m excited to see what opportunities become available for our CFL team, they are capable, meticulous, and are clearly devoted to the work they do! They’re encouraging our employees just as much as we’re encouraging them.”

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ad Club - Heritage Style

Heritage sponsored the monthly OKC Ad Club meeting this past Wednesday. Kent Dean (the guest speaker) is a 22-year veteran of the advertising industry and is also a Licensed Facilitator for True Colors™ . His seminar, Improving Workplace Communication... or Why Do I Have to Work With Freakin' Aliens, was great! We left saying things like, "oh, are SO gold!" and "I'm blue, hug me, hug me!" I guess you'd have to be there, to get it. Sorry.

We decided since we were going to be at a True Colors workshop folks should actually get to color! So we had a little coloring contest, winner receives a $100 VISA check card.

We had some great honorable mentions, like...


(I don't think this one was colored with crayons, but we let them enter anyway, just cuz we like them!)
but, there could only be one winner.
The winner is...
Brett Grimes from Third Degree! Great job Brett. I'm so blue I wanna hug you right now!
We also had folks fill out a quick survey online to win another $100 VISA check card, and the lucky winner was Jill Brown with Tierra Media Group! Congrats Jill!
Thanks to all who participated!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Santa voted, did you?

Once Santa heard how cool our Christmas card campaign was he jumped on board and texted in his vote as well!

The results are in...

(drum roll please......)

The Ronald McDonald House received 23% of the votes
Regional Food Bank of OK received 36% of the votes
Infant Crisis Services received 41% of the votes

Each of these fine organizations will receive a portion of our donation based on the percentage of votes they received! (We will be hand delivering checks next week...I'm sure there will be a blog post and pictures in the near future.)

Thank you to everyone who you can see, your vote counts!