Wednesday, December 30, 2009

From ours to yours...

We hope you enjoyed the Holidays!

Maybe you got a few things done around the house...

Maybe you decided to do some baking...

Maybe you dressed up as one of Santa's elves...

Maybe you had too much time on your hands...
Maybe you waited patiently to open gifts...
Maybe you couldn't sleep a wink...
Maybe you begged to play...

Maybe you played...
Maybe you got stranded in a blizzard...

Maybe you decided to bake some more...

Maybe you built your first snowman...
Maybe you made a sassy & fun snowlady...(I guess the politically correct name would be snowperson)
Or, maybe you slipped on your Snuggie and just had fun being with family...
(I promise that is the last time this YEAR I will talk about a Snuggie!)

No matter how you celebrated this Holiday season we hope you had a wonderful, safe, and memorable time!

From our FAMILIES to yours, we wish you a very Happy & SAFE New Year!

See you in 2010.
(Yippee....that means they're lettin' me come back!)

**Pictures courtesy of Heritage employees

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Giving Back

So this year back in...oh...September we decided we wanted to do something "different" for our holiday cards and Christmas gifts. So the sales team piled in the conference room and began brainstorming (you can only imagine how scary that was). We came up with an idea to give each customer $1000 in cash....but we decided that was too easy.

So.....we created project Giving Back.

Customers were sent a recyclable gift bag that was theirs to keep.

We also sent them a brown paper bag as well. On the brown paper bag was a label asking our customers to donate items to Infant Crisis Services!

(Now...I wouldn't be a good Director of Marketing for a printing and promotional products company if I didn't pause to tell you about the use of variable data on this project. Each box had a customized label with a corresponding label on the bag as well. The company name, customer's name, and personal label changed for each individual package! Each package was just a little sample of everything you can receive at Heritage...printing, a promotional product, and fulfillment. Okay, I'll take my marketing hat off and put my Santa hat back on.)

The Infant Crisis Services wish list was placed on each bag, and the bags started flowing in! Our customers rock. R-O-C-K, rock! Heritage also offered to MATCH what was collected. So for each bag collected, we donated a bag as well!!!

This morning we delivered over 100 bags and boxes of diapers to Infant Crisis Services! It was amazing!!! (Can you tell how happy our guys were for having to wear Santa hats???)

I put together a little video for a recap of the event! (I can't help it...I love!)

Again, it WAS amazing! The response from you, our customers, was amazing and Infant Crisis Services was touched by your kindness and generosity!!!

Thank you for Giving Back this Holiday season!

*If you received a bag and you didn't have time to fill it up, NO worries! We're collecting extra bags through January and we will deliver the extra bags at the end of the month.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Free to Live

We recently printed calendars for Free To Live. Free To Live is a non-profit sanctuary for stray, abandoned and mistreated dogs and cats. It is the largest no-kill sanctuary in Oklahoma. From Free To Live more than 500 animals are adopted out to loving homes each year. At the sanctuary, animals that are not adopted live out their lives with healthy food, shelter and medical care. Euthanasia is not practiced.

Well...the 2010 Pet Calendars are now available!
These calendars were beautifully done (I'm not just saying that because we printed them...well maybe I am. No matter why I'm saying it, they are nice, and you need one!) It has over 200 pages, and has month/week at-a-glance for jotting down things to remember. It's packed full of cute, funny and absolutely precious photos as well as poems, stories and helpful information.

Don't you need one???

I mean who can resist a sweet puppy dog face....

Calendars are only $15, and proceeds go to Free to Live! (Let us know if you want one!)

We're not begging...really we're not. (Insert whimpering sounds.)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I’ll be HOME for Christmas!

We are currently working on several print projects for our friends at Home Creations. They’ve been building new homes in Oklahoma since 1981.

They build ENERGY STAR qualified new homes with tornado safety features, AND they even pay closing costs. Wow! Dear Santa (aka Husband), All I want for Christmas is a Home Creations home, preferably the Wilshire floor plan, with black granite counter-tops, and a Jacuzzi tub. That’s all.

You can only imagine the joy and celebration that took place at the Home Creations office when President Obama signed the Home Buyer Tax Credit extension! The extension continues the $8,000 tax credit for first-time buyers and those who haven’t owned a home in three years, and it offers a tax credit of $6,500 for existing home owners who purchase a new home. The home purchased must be used as a primary residence. Buyers must be under contract by April 30, 2010, and close no later than June 30, 2010. (There's more details, just click HERE to check it out!)

So, are you tired of renting? (Oh boy, I get to use my infomercial voice…) Stop renting. Act now! Call Home Creations today at 877.277.7121 and find out how you can own a brand new home and get an amazing tax credit as well! BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! If you call now, and sign a contract with Home Creations they’ll send you a Snuggie...
.....hmmm, I probably should have asked Home Creations about that first…I was just on a roll with my infomercial voice, and I couldn’t stop myself! Okay, here’s a deal for you…if you sign a contract with Home Creations based on reading this blog post, I’ll buy you a Snuggie! I think I should quit using my infomercial voice.

Just think...if you sign a contract with Home Creations you could be celebrating Christmas next year in a brand new, energy efficient home! Did you HEAR THAT SANTA? By NEXT Christmas! (I doubt my subliminal messages are working on Santa.)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I’m Dreaming of a Green & Yellow Christmas!

We’re not obsessed with John Deere around here….well, a few of us might be. (Remember this?)

Our friends at Western Equipment own stores in Clinton, Weatherford, Hobart, Alva, Altus, Woodward, Childress and Amarillo, and they sell a lot of tractors, combines, mowers, and sprayers! But did you know that they also sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, artwork, gun safes, and dog collars? Yep, they do!

Their 9th store is online! They created, which features John Deere merchandise, and they have ANYTHING you could ever want with a yellow deer on it! Backpacks, money clips, poker chips, pet supplies, grill covers, coat racks, golf balls, license plates, and even remote control gators! (Yeah...I'm not gonna show this one to my husband because if he sees it, he will own one before sundown!)

It’s not too late to get some Christmas shopping done! If you need a fun gift check out! OR, if you really want to make someone happy stop by Western Equipment and buy one of these bad boys! (That's a real one, NOT a toy!)

While you start shopping, I’m going to keep coming up with more catchy John Deere Christmas tunes…

Here comes Santa Clause, Here Comes Clause… ridin’ his new John Deere

All I Want for Christmas is Two John Deere’s

I saw Daddy kissing his new John Deere

Grandpa got run over by a John Deere

I’ve been informed I should keep my day job!! Oh….wait, what? Ohhh! I misunderstood. They said….”Stop coming up with song titles if I want to KEEP MY JOB!”