Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Giving Back

So this year back in...oh...September we decided we wanted to do something "different" for our holiday cards and Christmas gifts. So the sales team piled in the conference room and began brainstorming (you can only imagine how scary that was). We came up with an idea to give each customer $1000 in cash....but we decided that was too easy.

So.....we created project Giving Back.

Customers were sent a recyclable gift bag that was theirs to keep.

We also sent them a brown paper bag as well. On the brown paper bag was a label asking our customers to donate items to Infant Crisis Services!

(Now...I wouldn't be a good Director of Marketing for a printing and promotional products company if I didn't pause to tell you about the use of variable data on this project. Each box had a customized label with a corresponding label on the bag as well. The company name, customer's name, and personal label changed for each individual package! Each package was just a little sample of everything you can receive at Heritage...printing, a promotional product, and fulfillment. Okay, I'll take my marketing hat off and put my Santa hat back on.)

The Infant Crisis Services wish list was placed on each bag, and the bags started flowing in! Our customers rock. R-O-C-K, rock! Heritage also offered to MATCH what was collected. So for each bag collected, we donated a bag as well!!!

This morning we delivered over 100 bags and boxes of diapers to Infant Crisis Services! It was amazing!!! (Can you tell how happy our guys were for having to wear Santa hats???)

I put together a little video for a recap of the event! (I can't help it...I love!)

Again, it WAS amazing! The response from you, our customers, was amazing and Infant Crisis Services was touched by your kindness and generosity!!!

Thank you for Giving Back this Holiday season!

*If you received a bag and you didn't have time to fill it up, NO worries! We're collecting extra bags through January and we will deliver the extra bags at the end of the month.

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