Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let's Celebrate!

Recently we helped our friends over at NEWCASTLE Gaming Center pull off something pretty cool!

They needed a creative way to invite their VIP’s to a Mardi Gras Tournament Celebration, and we helped them do just that!

We printed the invitations that were made to look like Mardi Gras masks, then they were also die-cut.
The invitation then was placed in a box (boxes are more likely to get opened, because people are just too curious and they HAVE to know what’s in it). Inside the box were two sets of beads (you can’t have Mardi Gras without beads) and the beads had customized medallions – reinforcing the NEWCASTLE brand!

The remainder of the box was filled with string confetti that matched the printed piece & beads. A label was printed using variable data on the outer box wrap.

NEWCASTLE Gaming Center sent the boxes to their VIP’s – and we ran their mailing list through NCOA & made a few corrections. (NCOA is National Change of Address which helps reduce undeliverable mail by automatically updating your list with addresses of customers who have recently moved.) We recommend running all lists through NCOA, but especially if the item you’re mailing costs more to mail (like a box), you don’t want to waste postage on a bad address.

The NEWCASTLE Gaming Center Mardi Gras Tournament Celebration was very successful and they had a GREAT turnout…that’s what we like to hear!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Neenah Greenah

This blog post is brought to you by the color GREEN.

Everyone is always interested in how they can "go green", and here's a cool tool to help.

Those creative folks over at Neenah Paper have an Environmental Calculator that allows users to instantly calculate the environmental savings achieved by using paper made with post consumer fiber as well as the savings from using paper made with 100 percent renewable energy. (It's super cool!)

Symbols for wood, water, energy and waste can be used in creating customized savings reports for annual reports and other print projects. Information on how to use the symbols is included in the Symbols Toolkit, which you can download on their site as well!

You've gotta try RIGHT HERE!

Go green! Oh...and Happy St. Patrick's Day!