Wednesday, April 27, 2011

True or False

True or False:
Every promotional product ever made is already created – it’s just sitting on a shelf somewhere.


We’ve got proof!

The communications team at Oklahoma State University – Undergraduate Admissions were looking for a promotional product that would stand out to students and allow them to correlate Oklahoma State University with cutting edge promotional products. (Hence the reason why they couldn’t just buy any-ol’-thing.)

They knew that silly bands were beginning to become very popular and decided to have orange and black Pistol Pete’s created to put in campus tour and event bags.

We sent an image of Pistol Pete to our vendor and had these custom silly bands created just for them!
When students stepped on campus and received their goody bags, the silly bands were an instant hit!

Go Pokes!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Target Practice

We schmooze twice a year at the OKC Chamber of Commerce event SchmoozaPalooza! (I can now spell it without having to look it up.) It’s a fun event and we always have a great time. This time around Groupon sponsored a vendor lounge and we were treated to free appetizers and drinks – that was nice, REALLY nice! (Thanks Groupon!) We always go to Schmooza with a new theme, something fun and different. This year it was…

Nerf Dart Tag – Fury Fire! (Have I told you lately that I love my job?) It was so fun.

But we weren’t just playing tag- there was a method to our madness. We were talking about hitting your target with One-to-One Marketing. We printed a nifty handout that talked all about One-to-One Marketing (which is a communication of individualized, relevant messages to a large number of recipients.) One of the key points was Proper Targeting + Proper Personalization = Better Response! At Heritage we can help set your company apart and get your message noticed with the use of…

Variable Data PrintingUsing customer test and images to speak directly and personally to each of your customers instead of sending everyone the same message/offer.

Cross Media Marketing Using more than one medium to connect with your audience.

The channels we have available to integrate your company’s marketing efforts are: Direct mail, Email Marketing, Personalized URL’s/Landing Pages, Text Messaging Campaigns, and Social Media. It was a hit! People obviously loved playing Dart Tag with their friends and we even had some customers come by and ask to shoot at us, so we played along and let them. (We think they enjoyed that part a little TOO much!)

We handed out these fun slinky note pads with targets on them (hmmm…I bet I know where you can get some of those if you like them! Hint hint.)

Overall the event was a huge success – I definitely think we hit the TARGET!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Action Report

We printed a book for our fab friends over at Funnel Design Group! They designed the book for the PHF Research Park – we’ll stop here for a minute because I know you’re asking yourself, “what does PHF Research Park do?” Well let me use their words and tell you, (I’m sure they’d say it better anyway)… The Presbyterian Health Foundation Research Park is a 27-acre, seven-building, 700,000 square-foot complex that supports biomedical technology.

The Research Park is located in close proximity to the Oklahoma Health Center. At the Research Park, Presbyterian Health Foundation's mission is to provide biotech companies with Class A wet laboratory space and office space, currently there are 36 science based companies housed at the complex. As you can see they do a lot! They created this "Action Report" to raise awareness and promote the important and life-saving science happening in Oklahoma! The reports were distributed to the investors, lawmakers, and the scientific business sector. Funnel's objective was to create a comprehensive overview of the vast scientific research going on at PHF Research Park.

The custom microscopic imagery forming “words” was designed to give the reader the “Aha” moment that a scientist might encounter when solving a scientific puzzle. As far as design goes, some of our favorite parts of the book are the French Poptone Tangy Orange flysheets & matching orange envelope, the rounded corners of the book & the label that wraps around the cover similar to that on a prescription bottle. Pretty cool!

Matt Goad , Creative Director at Funnel had these words to say, “This project was commissioned by the President of the Presbyterian Health Foundation Michael D. Anderson, PhD in 2010, being his final year as acting President before retiring. Dr. Anderson is a big proponent of Scientific Research and Creativity in Oklahoma, and without him this book would never have been possible. We are truly indebted to him!”

Matt also bragged on us too (and since it’s our blog we feel it’s only appropriate to share it) “Heritage and our account manager made this very large and complex project very painless and actually fun!” Now that’s what we like to hear!

Thank you PHF for promoting scientific research and innovation in this great state. Also, thanks to Funnel Design for sparking creativity, thinking outside the box, and allowing us to be a part of that creativity. We enjoyed seeing it come alive on paper!