Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tradeshow Fun

Let's be honest, trade shows are a lot of work! Reserving tables, setting up, traveling, walking to-and-from your car 13 times to get everything you need is a lot of work! BUT, each time we go through that saga, at the end we say "Man, that was fun!"

I think the "fun" comes from the energy of the crowds of people, most are there to have a good time, learn something new, and it doesn't hurt to come home with bags of free goodies!

Recently we attended the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce event, SchmoozaPalooza.
Our VP of Sales, Curtis, (pictured below on the left) brought a air gun with him to the event. It puffs a blast of air across the room and it's hysterical to watch people who get "puffed" because they don't know what happened to them, or where the puff of air came from! It's great fun!

There was, however, another booth with a loaded air gun across the way, which caused some friendly competition! We were literally blown away when this crazy cat rolled up and started blasting us! It was hilarious. (If you're dying to find out how to get your own Airzooka Air Gun, you can check them out here.)

I guess it's the relaxed atmosphere of trade shows, but I love the fact that sales interactions become....uh....much more......informal! I saw a gal wearing this shirt, and I thought it was great...
Clear, concise and to the point. I like that.