Thursday, August 4, 2011

Online Virtual Mini-Catalog

We’ve told you before that we manage the warehousing & fulfillment for ecommerce websites, like the OU Alumni Store for instance, but even though we’ve told you that it’s inevitable that someone will say “You manage websites? I didn’t know you did that!” Well, we do. Promise. (If you don’t believe us you should come hang out some day and take a tour of our warehouse, it’s pretty amazing complete with giant tater-tots. HA, now you want to come out just to see what I mean by giant tater-tots! Well, you’re just gonna have to come out and see for yourself!)

As we roll out new merchandise on our websites we like to try to find new ways to get the word out about what we’ve got! We do things like eblasts, direct mail, fliers, online advertising, and facebook advertising…. pretty much anything we can do to notify people of the specials and new merchandise on our sites.

Last week this bad boy was emailed out to 90,000 OU alums & their closest friends!

It’s working well…

CLICK HERE to view the mini-catalog!

Oh and please feel free to shop…that’s what it’s there for!