Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Texting...

For our Christmas gift this year, we wanted to make a cash donation to a charity that’s making a difference in Oklahoma. When we sat down to make out our list we narrowed it down to three charities that just rock! Infant Crisis Services, The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, and The OKC Ronald McDonald House. At this point, we couldn’t pick WHO would receive the gift…so we decided to let our customers vote! (That's where you come in.)

The organization with the most votes will get the largest part of the donation! So get out your phones and text away…

To vote for Infant Crisis Services Text ICS to 67664
To vote for Regional Food Bank text RFB to 67664
To vote for Ronald McDonald House text RMH to 67664

Voting ends December 30th ~ text your vote now! Anyone can vote, but only one vote per person please!

Our Christmas card was accompanied by an adorable Santa. Santa was digitally printed and then die cut, you just slide the two Santa’s together and he stands right up!

(I have about 70 in my office…they’re just so cute, I might leave them out ‘til June!)

Merry Christmas from all of us at Heritage!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

You're doing fine Oklahoma...

As you know, the State of Oklahoma is changing! It’s wonderful to see all the changes to the landscape as well as streets, highways, buildings, historic areas…everything! But, did you also know it’s changing virtually too?

We recently started managing the Oklahoma Department of Tourisms website Okie Boutique! Super cute name.

(Click here to see just how cute it is!)

It’s a site for anyone who loves the State of Oklahoma, and how can you not love a state that has wind that comes sweeping through the plains?

There’s tons of cool stuff on the site, but we’re a little partial to the gift boxes! I know you haven’t finished your holiday shopping??

Well here’s your opportunity to customize a gift box with Made in Oklahoma foods and other Oklahoma-inspired gifts. The Oklahoma gift boxes are the perfect gift for teachers, clients, speakers, or anyone else on your list. Once you’ve selected the items you want in your gift basket we package it up all purdy (come on that’s Okie slang for pretty, you know that) and ship it out. So take a minute and go check it out…you know you want to!

I just can’t end this post without saying…

You're doin' fine, Oklahoma! Oklahoma O-K-L - A - H - O - M - A OKLAHOMA! Yeeow!

(You’re going to be humming that all day now – hey, it’s better than Grandma got Run over by a Reindeer!)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fight Like a Girl!

You already know we love those folks over at INTEGRIS! We’ve been managing their company store for a while now but recently we were contacted about a new program for them. INTEGRIS Women's Health Services wanted to raise breast cancer awareness. They were on a bit of a time crunch, and wanted t-shirts printed to offer to their employees. We got the ball rollin’ and produced these adorable pink shirts…

with the title “Fight Like a Girl”. The shirts were going to be available for 10 days online and no one realized how popular they were going to be! Well 10 days, and 2700 shirts later, we thought “hmmmmm, I guess they liked ‘em!” We did a reorder and in one week another 1200 were sold! Even the guys were ordering them for their wives, it was a successful campaign to say the least!

Heritage is making a donation to the Susan G. Komen foundation on behalf of all INTEGRIS Health Employees.

Great job INTEGRIS – Go pink!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Apple a Day

Recently we decided to try a little direct mail campaign for Heritage! (We wanted to try out some new solutions and track the response rate of the direct mail as well.) At Heritage we have to be able to show our customers, first hand, what's working and what's not when it comes to direct mail. (Studies online show that most campaigns that involve variable data text & imaging can receive more than 19% response rate, as opposed to those using no variable data at only 1% response rate. We had to prove it!)

Our "Sweet Smell of Success" campaign launched a few weeks ago. The piece was designed using variable data text, and looked like an iPad. Once opened, the recipient was asked to "scratch the apple" if they smelled the apple scent they were sent to a website to enter our contest for a iPad give-a-way! Let the scratching begin....

Obviously, we used a green apple scent on the apple, and it smelled great!!! (Made me want some green apple Jolly Ranchers each time I smelled it!) We sent out 489 pieces, and got an overwhelming response rate of 22%! Woo-hoo!

We collected our responses and did a good-ol'-fashioned drawing. This is Tim, he's one of our expert variable data we thought he'd be perfect to draw out our winning name. All the names went in....

and our lucky winner was....

Marla Stebens from Pioneer Telephone in Kingfisher, Oklahoma!

She was so fun and so excited she won! (We were excited too!)

We took her some yummy apple treats from Panera Bread!
Oh....and we took her a 3G iPad! (I tried to give her the empty box, but she didn't fall for it!)
Adding personalized creative elements to your direct mail campaigns, such as variable data text & images, scented inks, and scratch-off foils WILL:
  • Create immediate emotional engagement with the recipient
  • Improve Response Rates & ROI
  • Increase campaign recall and brand awareness
SO....are you ready to make your competition green with envy? We can help!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wellness Rocks and so does INTEGRIS!

I love leaving the house at…

for customer events. Yes, that’s 6:04 AM. (Early, but worth it!)

Recently we attended the Wellness Rocks Tour for INTEGRIS Health. (Forget Wellness Rocks, these PEOPLE rock!! We love them!)

We manage the apparel website for INTEGRIS employees, so attending their yearly benefits fair was a GREAT way to meet INTEGRIS employees and show them all the cool new merchandise on the website.

INTEGRIS does so many amazing things for their employees, their Total Rewards Fair is a chance for the employees to come through and meet with representatives from each company and organization that provides benefits to INTEGRIS employees.

Elvis even stopped by, and got dressed up….

in a sweet new INTEGRIS t-shirt.

He rocked it.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

P is for Print

I would love to tell you I wrote the article below, but I didn't. I did a good ol' fashioned Ctrl c, Ctrl v, and pasted it right here. The beauty of the blog is that copy & pasting isn't considered plagiarism when you link the story back to the source. I love that. So here's my highlighted link and many thanks to The Print Council.

The Top Ten Ways Print Helps You Prosper
We all take printing for granted. Perhaps it’s because print has been the world’s number one communications medium for so long we tend to overlook its impact and power.

That oversight could be fatal to a marketing campaign, a product launch, or a branding initiative that is trying to connect with people. People trust print. They feel comfortable using it. And they can’t fast forward past it. This guide to the persuasive power of print provides the top ten reasons why you should consider using print in your next campaign. It doesn’t have to be the only medium you use. But, you most definitely should consider print whenever you want to persuade, inform or entertain. Here are your reasons why...

Print is for keeps.
A Magazine Publishers of America survey found that 24% of readers typically pass an article along to someone else, 23% save the article for future reference, and 13% visit a related website. In action, print’s durability has a positive impact on every message it touches. It says: Your message is significant. That you cared enough to put it on paper. That you are authentic rather than virtual, and you will be there when we need you.

Print is Portable.

Long after their iPod battery is drained, people will still be reading what you send them in print. Print is the ultimate in portability and playability. They can pick up a magazine at a newsstand, buy a book on the fly or grab your brochure from a trade show exhibit. There are no compatibility issues, no need to keep anything charged,and never a worry about screen glare. You can fold print,stuff it,clip it, even scratch-and-sniff it. Print can be carried and consumed anywhere, at anytime: On trains, planes and automobiles. Take it to bed, to the beach or to the bath. There’s no need to boot it up or power it down. Print is always there and always ready to instruct, inform and entertain.

Print drives a higher ROI.
Printing is particularly persuasive as direct mail. According to research by the Direct Marketing Association and the Wharton Economic Forecasting Associates, print’s performance through the mail can be measured in dollars and cents. The DMA researchers found that U.S. advertisers spend $167 per person in direct mail marketing to earn $2,095 worth of goods per person, scoring a return on investment of 13 to 1. Why? Because people gravitate toward print. A total of 38% of households surveyed by the U.S. Postal Service in 2006 found direct mail pieces interesting. That study also found that 85% of mail is either read or visually scanned by recipients. And direct mail is also a great way to expand business relationships and keep customers loyal. A study by the Rochester Institute of Technology Printing Industry Center found that 67% of respondents like getting mail about new products from companies they do business with.

Print is beautiful.
Why do they call it the graphic arts? Because print is beautiful and printers continue to consider every job they do a personal masterpiece. And now, advanced printing techniques — like high-fi color and advanced screening— make their work more appealing and more compelling. Photos seem to jump off the page. Special effects draw the eye to the printed content, and a new generation of papers and substrates make readers want to touch and feel your message. You can’t get any closer than that. The beauty of print will enhance your product or service, giving it a special appeal of its own and an extra tangible dimension that no electronic media can impart.

Print plays well with others.
Sure, the Internet is cool. What’s cooler is using a printed direct mail campaign to draw prospects to a personalized website, then following up with a printed thank-you card or closer. Yes, the World Wide Web provides a real-time interactive environment, but so do the telephone and the television. Print enhances the impact of all of those media by providing your client’s prospects with an extra dimension. One that’s friendly. One that’s warm. One that’s inviting. And, one that they can’t very well ignore because they’re holding it right in their hands. Consider the 2003 research published in the Journal of Advertising Research, which examined the advertising impact on weekly sales of a pizza franchiser. It found that the best combination of media in driving sales is direct mail and national TV advertising used together. The print/broadcast duo doubled the impact of using any one medium alone. An American Business Media study adds more insight into the effectiveness of combining print with other media. According to that research, B-to-B magazines were viewed by prospects as trustworthy and objective, websites were seen as the place where they received timely information, and trade shows were viewed as the place for interactions and to improve their awareness of alternatives. That must be why smart marketers are using all three outlets to maximize their ROI.

Buyers seek print.
Online consumers who received a printed catalog from any given retailer were nearly twice as likely to make an online purchase at that retailer’s website. The finding comes from a com Score survey based on 6,400 responses from online shoppers. The reason for the sales windfall: consumers seek print when they’re ready to buy. That’s a fact supported by a 2005 field study by the Direct Marketing Association. Scoring the primary channels for generating orders, the research found that 60% came from printed catalogs, 24% were inspired by retail settings and only 9% arrived via Internet. The percent of sales by channel also showed print’s pulling power. Paper catalogs accounted for 42% of sales, retail 20%, websites 26% and other channels 12%. In a 2006 study of newspaper readers sponsored by the Newspaper Association of America, 78% reported that they use newspaper inserts to plan shopping and 76% say that these inserts have helped them save money. The moral: If you’re not using print, you’re missing out on big numbers.

Print is credible.
The phrase, “Get it down on paper” has never been more meaningful. Having words and images that you can examine and hold in your hand, review, show to others and keep in a safe place provides a degree of reassurance that no bit-and- byte medium can match. People love the speed and scope of the Internet, but the WWW’s fleeting nature makes them wonder: Am I getting the fast shuffle here? And what’s all this contradictory information? Conversely, our ink-on-paper medium is believable because print is real, print is timeless and print is focused. An increasing number of marketers are leveraging print’s high credibility by using custom publications to get their messages out and absorbed. More than 32 billion custom publications circulate annually in the United States, according to the Custom Publishing Review’s 2006 Annual Report. Total expenditures on the medium amounted to $29.9 billion for the year. The researchers also found that 66% of people surveyed read custom publications and that 80% agree that custom publications contain useful information. They are believers because print is the credible medium.

Print puts them in control.
Telemarketing is the crudest form of cold calling and, with the growth in do-not-call lists, its effectiveness has sunk to an all-time low. In fact, a Time magazine poll ranked telemarketing number four on the list of the worst ideas of the 20th century. Today, it has gotten to the point that many companies stay away from the phone because they don’t want their reputations damaged by overeager telemarketers. But what happens when we add print to the equation? Send prospects a personalized mailing that introduces the caller and lets them tell you the best time to call. Now you’re putting the potential customer in control of the situation. There are no more interruptions at dinner. There is only a positive flow of information between the marketer and the consumer. The bond starts to get stronger, the relationship grows, and the sale becomes a natural progression of the power of print rather than a rude intrusion.

Print is personal.
It’s time to put each prospect’s name up in lights, literally. Or use a skywriter to put your personalized message to them in the clouds. Or maybe you want to include a photo or the specific product in which they expressed interest. Print can do all that and more because print takes marketing personally. Using new variable data printing (VDP) and one-to-one messaging techniques, you can personalize each and every piece of your print campaign — right down to the specific photos you use and every word of your pitch. Did someone say relationship building? According to a 2004 report by Interquest, the response rate for customized color direct mail campaigns ranged from 6% to 75%, with an average of 21%. The response rates were, on average, 5.6 times higher for customized color versions than for simple mail merge applications. The more you individualize print, the more individuals you will inspire.

Print is everywhere.
We’re used to being surrounded by print. We’re comfortable with it. We want more. What do the numbers say? Consider a 2006 survey by the magazine Graphic Design USA. It found that 9 out of 10 of the designers polled have worked in print during the last year. What’s more, a total of 91% of the respondents’ projects involved print exclusively or were comprised of a substantial print component. The survey also discovered that 71% of the designers’ total work hours were devoted to print-driven projects. Look at event marketing. It wouldn’t be possible without print. Programs, posters, signage of all kinds, special commemorative publications — print is on the scene at ball games, motor sports venues, concerts, shows, fairs, museums, galleries and rallies. Wherever a crowd gathers, print can provide a platform for marketers and a fresh perspective for fans. There is even evidence that we like print more than television. Those are the vital signs of a medium that’s vibrant and valuable.

So the moral of the story is...keep PRINTING! It works.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our 1 Year Anniversary

We started the Heritage blog one year ago today. (Seems like only yesterday, sort-of!)

It's only fitting that the traditional 1 year anniversary gift is PAPER! Makes me think back to all the cool printed pieces we've produced and blogged about. I haven't just blogged about printed pieces, I've blogged about our company history, promotional products, company stores, a Vegas wedding, our amazing customers, some rockin' pimped pumpkins, and even office butt-stations. (You really have to read that last one, it doesn't sound right out of context!)

When I told people around the office it had been one year since I started the blog they said things like...

"wow, really?"
"it's been a year?"
"what blog?"

As you can see, this blog is changing lives. It's powerful, I tell ya. Powerful!

Thanks so much to our friends & followers who have read the blog for the past year. It's been so fun and I'm excited to see what happens in the coming year!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tradeshow Fun

Let's be honest, trade shows are a lot of work! Reserving tables, setting up, traveling, walking to-and-from your car 13 times to get everything you need is a lot of work! BUT, each time we go through that saga, at the end we say "Man, that was fun!"

I think the "fun" comes from the energy of the crowds of people, most are there to have a good time, learn something new, and it doesn't hurt to come home with bags of free goodies!

Recently we attended the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce event, SchmoozaPalooza.
Our VP of Sales, Curtis, (pictured below on the left) brought a air gun with him to the event. It puffs a blast of air across the room and it's hysterical to watch people who get "puffed" because they don't know what happened to them, or where the puff of air came from! It's great fun!

There was, however, another booth with a loaded air gun across the way, which caused some friendly competition! We were literally blown away when this crazy cat rolled up and started blasting us! It was hilarious. (If you're dying to find out how to get your own Airzooka Air Gun, you can check them out here.)

I guess it's the relaxed atmosphere of trade shows, but I love the fact that sales interactions become....uh....much more......informal! I saw a gal wearing this shirt, and I thought it was great...
Clear, concise and to the point. I like that.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hole in One!

Anytime you plan a golf tournament (or anything outside) in Oklahoma in the month of MAY you're taking your chances. Rain, snow, hail, freezing temps, tornadoes, 110 degree weather, high winds, or even sunshine...the possibilities are endless. On May 7th we took our chances and ended up with an amazing day, despite some mild wind. (Okay MAYBE it was a little more than mild wind.)

The 2010 Jerry Funck Benefit Golf Tournament was a HUGE SUCCESS! (If you don't remember who Jerry is you can read all about him HERE. His daughter Rachael works for Heritage as well.)

The tournament started at 11:30...and everyone was literally blown around the course until about 5:00 PM!

After the tournament we had a cook-out to announce the tournament winners. Our owner, Dave, stepped up to the plate (or grill in this case) and cooked burgers and hot dogs for everyone! YUM!
The golf carts lined up to get some grub! Good stuff!

We could not have pulled off the tournament if it wasn't for our amazing sponsors!

The Bank of Union
Gemini Motor Transport
Clampitt Paper
Dr Pepper
Roger Hicks & Associates
Musket Corporation
Gemini Coatings
SONIC Restaurants Inc.
S&S Promotions

Tinker Federal Credit Union
Stifel Nicolas
Budget, Box & Bag
Scott & Ashli Ramsay Family
The Shelley Family
Heritage Bindery & Shipping
Prisco Printers Service
Barton Solvents Inc.
Larry & Kathy Miller Family
Kergan Brothers SONIC
Adhesive Compounders
Printing Products, Inc.
Scale Source
Flint Group
Adams McClure
Heritage Employees

Because of their donations and generosity we exceeded our goal and were able to present Jerry with a $6800 check last Friday!

He was speechless.

We love you Jerry & Rachael!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Great Job!

We're always happy when we hear that something we printed for a client
receives awards or recognition, because we know that great designers
pick great printers to make their print pieces greater. (I'm thinking
of using this as one of our tag lines, "Heritage - We make it look
greater!" ...yeah I'm still workin' out the kinks.)

On Saturday, February 20, the Oklahoma pro chapter of the Society of
Professional Journalists
held its annual awards banquet in Bricktown.
At the banquet, the Spring 2009 issue of the OCU LAW Magazine was
awarded Third Place in the Best PR Publication category and Second
Place for Best PR Publication Cover.

Assistant Dean for Communications and Marketing Damon Gardenhire,
Senior Communications and New Media Content Specialist Nathan Gunter
and freelance graphic designer Whitney Porch accepted the honors for
their work on the magazine.

For more information about the OCU School of Law click here, and for
more about Whitney Porch you can read all about her right here!

Congratulations Damon, Nathan and Whitney, you did a great job!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's that time of year again...

Got any good April Fool's jokes or pranks? Post a comment and tell us the best prank or joke you pulled on someone, or someone pulled on you. (If you comment, we'll draw a winner and mail you a $10 Sonic gift card! No that's not a prank, it's for real. )

Today for April Fool's I wanted to post that we were giving away $5000 of free printing, all you had to do was call and claim your prize....I thought the boss liked the idea, his comment was "yeah, that's a great idea" (oh wait he wasn't done) "and a great way for you to get fired."
Geeze. Party pooper.
Post your comments by this Friday at 2:00! Let's hear 'em...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Get Schmooz'd

If you live & work in the Oklahoma City area you NEED to be at this event. Not only is it fun, it's a GREAT way to network!

Tuesday, April 27
4-7 p.m.
State Fair Park, Travel & Transportation Building

Join more than 1,000 Oklahoma City business leaders as they gather at Oklahoma State Fair Park for some early evening networking at the SchmoozaPalooza Networking Trade Show.
SchmoozaPalooza is sponsored by the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce.
Bring your friends, coworkers and clients to preview the latest products and services from Chamber member exhibitors in a fun and casual networking environment. Live music by Cplus, interactive activities, food tastings, and door prizes make this trade show unlike any other.

Only $10 per person includes one drink ticket and a fun way meet new friends and customers. (Clarification, this event is open to the public. You don't have to be a member of the OKC Chamber to attend, anyone is welcome.)
Heritage will be there with a booth, and we'll have great prizes (really, really great prizes) so make sure you come by and see us!
Mark your calendars now, we'll see you then!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


You HAD to know that today's blog would be green and totally eco-friendly.

At Heritage we're committed to reducing, reusing and recycling whenever and wherever possible!

Vegetable oil based inks can be made from a variety of sources including soy-bean, corn and linseed oils. By replacing mineral oil with vegetable oil, this means we can reduce or even cut out volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions. VOCs are carbon-containing gases and vapors that are released from solvents used during the printing process. The most significant environmental impact of VOCs is their formation with vehicle exhaust to form photochemical smog. However, in liquid form VOCs can effect water and soil quality. This is why we have opted to use vegetable oil based inks. Pretty cool, huh?

When it comes to protecting and preserving our environmental resources, perhaps no other organization is as well known and respected worldwide than FSC. Heritage is proud to be FSC certified and to support other FSC certified products and companies. Being FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified gives Heritage customers the choice to print on paper that originates in responsibly managed forests.
As a Chain of Custody certified printer, Heritage is entitled to apply the FSC's "checkmark-and-tree" trademark logo (see below) to projects printed on FSC-certified paper. Heritage is only the third printer in Oklahoma to achieve certification.

The FSC Chain of Custody certification reflects Heritage's commitment to environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and provides our customers an additional option to help reduce the environmental impact of their printed materials. Our customers can be confident that when they ask for FSC certified paper, they will receive it!

At Heritage we recycle all waste paper including office paper and all aluminum plates as well.

There are many ways your business can GO GREEN as well! Things like...

• Recycling paper, plastic, aluminum, ink cartridges.
• Reuse packing materials and cardboard boxes.
• Eliminate disposable cups, plates and utensils in the break room. Replace with permanent dishware.
• Switch to rechargeable batteries. Large office supply stores even have collection centers for recycling dead rechargeable batteries.
• Use eco-friendly cleaning products that are biodegradable and non-toxic.
• Purchase energy-efficient PCs, printers, and other equipment with the EnergyStar label.
• Donate or recycle old computers and equipment.
• Keep up with regular maintenance of all mechanical equipment.

Finally, I'll leave you with this St. Patrick's Day picture that has absolutely NOTHING to do with going green, recycling, or the environment. I found it online while googling the word "green"(lesson learned: be careful what you google!) Apparently it was taken in 1987 at the St. Patrick's day parade in New York. Wow. This picture is disturbing on SO many levels, but yet you can't stop looking at it, can you?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

We love this guy…

and so will you!

Jerry Funck worked for Heritage in various roles for over 18 years. Unfortunately in 2008 he had to step down from his position with Heritage, due to his battle with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) disease. AS is a severe form of arthritis that causes inflammation of the joints between the spinal bones and causes joints to fuse together.

At Heritage, we consider Jerry family and knew this year, our golf tournament needed to benefit him. Proceeds will help cover his monthly medications and other medical expenses.

Jerry’s daughter Rachael Funck Chambless, grew up watching her dad work at Heritage and she knew when she grew up she wanted to work at Heritage too! (Okay maybe that’s not how the story went, but she works here now and loves it too!) Anyone who knows them only has good things to say about them. Jerry & Rachael are both sweet, kind, caring, funny, and they mean so much to us at Heritage!

Join us as Heritage presents the …

Friday, May 7th – Crimson Creek Golf Course, El Reno
Shotgun Start 11:30 AM – $50 Per Player

Cash Prizes & Cook-Out Awards Dinner Following Tournament
Mulligan’s can be purchased for $5 each, limit 4 per player.

We would love for you to join us for the day! You can play, help sponsor the event, or do BOTH!

Sponsorship Opportunities

$100 “PAR” – Hole Sponsor
Includes: Company Name & Logo Prominently Displayed on Signage at a Hole

$500 “BIRDIE” - Company Sponsor
Includes: One Foursome, Awards Dinner Cook-Out following Tournament, Player Gift Bags, Company Name & Logo Prominently Displayed on Banners, and Signage at a Hole – WOW, this is a great deal! You’ll be making a donation to a great cause, and 4 people from your office get to have a “meeting” on a golf course for the afternoon. You can’t beat that!

$1000 “EAGLE” – Tournament Sponsor
Includes: Two Foursomes, Awards Dinner Cook-Out following Tournament, Player Gift Bags, Company Name & Logo Prominently Displayed on Banners, Marketing Materials, Website, and Signage at a Hole

Deadline for sponsorship is March 31, Contact KJ at and I’ll get you the paperwork you need.

Deadline for team registration is April 9th (or first come, first serve.) Spots are filling up fast, contact KJ to get registered.

It’s a good cause, for a good guy, gonna be good fun, and good prizes…good grief what are you waiting on? Get registered today!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

We just help tell the story...

The 2010 Addy Awards Gala was this weekend at the Skirvin Hotel. The Addy's recognize the best creative efforts in the Oklahoma City metro area over the last year. It was a night filled with laughter, fun, cheers, wine, and then more laughter.

The design team at Oklahoma Christian handled the creative to promote the 2010 Addy's. The theme was "We are the Storytellers", and it was perfect! They deserve an Addy for the Addy's. Is that possible? It should be.

Curtis and his wife, Lisa, couldn't stay the entire evening because Curtis wasn't feeling well. (You KNOW Curtis isn't feeling well when he gives away drink tickets!!) Poor guy.

Bad lighting and poor camera operation caused Laurie, Eric and Julie to look angelic in this picture...

My husband (total trooper) came with me for the evening. He wore his funeral tie, I'm not gonna lie, it's his wedding tie too! He hates to dress up. If he can't wear Vans he's not happy, but he sat there and acted happy...maybe it was the Corona talking, I'm not sure.

My favorite quote of the evening was "The Addy Awards is 2 hours worth of awards stretched out over 4 hours!" So, so true.

We'd like to congratulate all our customers who won!

Heritage printed projects for...

3 Bronze Winners

9 Silver Winners


9 Gold ADDY Award Winners!

We were so excited!! Congratulations to all our customers that took home awards...Oklahoma Christian, Third Degree Advertising, Chickasaw Nation, S Design, Ackerman McQueen, Ghost, Visual Image, & Studio fj!! Thank you for letting us HELP TELL YOUR STORY!