Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our 1 Year Anniversary

We started the Heritage blog one year ago today. (Seems like only yesterday, sort-of!)

It's only fitting that the traditional 1 year anniversary gift is PAPER! Makes me think back to all the cool printed pieces we've produced and blogged about. I haven't just blogged about printed pieces, I've blogged about our company history, promotional products, company stores, a Vegas wedding, our amazing customers, some rockin' pimped pumpkins, and even office butt-stations. (You really have to read that last one, it doesn't sound right out of context!)

When I told people around the office it had been one year since I started the blog they said things like...

"wow, really?"
"it's been a year?"
"what blog?"

As you can see, this blog is changing lives. It's powerful, I tell ya. Powerful!

Thanks so much to our friends & followers who have read the blog for the past year. It's been so fun and I'm excited to see what happens in the coming year!


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