Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's that time of year again...

Got any good April Fool's jokes or pranks? Post a comment and tell us the best prank or joke you pulled on someone, or someone pulled on you. (If you comment, we'll draw a winner and mail you a $10 Sonic gift card! No that's not a prank, it's for real. )

Today for April Fool's I wanted to post that we were giving away $5000 of free printing, all you had to do was call and claim your prize....I thought the boss liked the idea, his comment was "yeah, that's a great idea" (oh wait he wasn't done) "and a great way for you to get fired."
Geeze. Party pooper.
Post your comments by this Friday at 2:00! Let's hear 'em...


  1. Great job to Heritage for being recognized as a Top 400 printer by Printing Impressions magazine, Dec. 2009. You do an amazing job for Home Creations, and we're glad to see you get the recognition you so rightly deserve. Keep up the excellent work.
    Jan S. Astani
    Home Creations

  2. Well Jan, since no one commented on my April Fools post...and you're saying sweet things, I think you deserve the $10 Sonic gift card! ; ) Thanks again!


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