Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Apple a Day

Recently we decided to try a little direct mail campaign for Heritage! (We wanted to try out some new solutions and track the response rate of the direct mail as well.) At Heritage we have to be able to show our customers, first hand, what's working and what's not when it comes to direct mail. (Studies online show that most campaigns that involve variable data text & imaging can receive more than 19% response rate, as opposed to those using no variable data at only 1% response rate. We had to prove it!)

Our "Sweet Smell of Success" campaign launched a few weeks ago. The piece was designed using variable data text, and looked like an iPad. Once opened, the recipient was asked to "scratch the apple" if they smelled the apple scent they were sent to a website to enter our contest for a iPad give-a-way! Let the scratching begin....

Obviously, we used a green apple scent on the apple, and it smelled great!!! (Made me want some green apple Jolly Ranchers each time I smelled it!) We sent out 489 pieces, and got an overwhelming response rate of 22%! Woo-hoo!

We collected our responses and did a good-ol'-fashioned drawing. This is Tim, he's one of our expert variable data we thought he'd be perfect to draw out our winning name. All the names went in....

and our lucky winner was....

Marla Stebens from Pioneer Telephone in Kingfisher, Oklahoma!

She was so fun and so excited she won! (We were excited too!)

We took her some yummy apple treats from Panera Bread!
Oh....and we took her a 3G iPad! (I tried to give her the empty box, but she didn't fall for it!)
Adding personalized creative elements to your direct mail campaigns, such as variable data text & images, scented inks, and scratch-off foils WILL:
  • Create immediate emotional engagement with the recipient
  • Improve Response Rates & ROI
  • Increase campaign recall and brand awareness
SO....are you ready to make your competition green with envy? We can help!

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