Friday, January 14, 2011

Ad Club - Heritage Style

Heritage sponsored the monthly OKC Ad Club meeting this past Wednesday. Kent Dean (the guest speaker) is a 22-year veteran of the advertising industry and is also a Licensed Facilitator for True Colors™ . His seminar, Improving Workplace Communication... or Why Do I Have to Work With Freakin' Aliens, was great! We left saying things like, "oh, are SO gold!" and "I'm blue, hug me, hug me!" I guess you'd have to be there, to get it. Sorry.

We decided since we were going to be at a True Colors workshop folks should actually get to color! So we had a little coloring contest, winner receives a $100 VISA check card.

We had some great honorable mentions, like...


(I don't think this one was colored with crayons, but we let them enter anyway, just cuz we like them!)
but, there could only be one winner.
The winner is...
Brett Grimes from Third Degree! Great job Brett. I'm so blue I wanna hug you right now!
We also had folks fill out a quick survey online to win another $100 VISA check card, and the lucky winner was Jill Brown with Tierra Media Group! Congrats Jill!
Thanks to all who participated!

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  1. Woohoo! I lean very blue as well, so hugs all around.


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