Thursday, October 8, 2009

MADly in Love's

At Heritage we are MADly in love with Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores corporation! Not only are they a great company, they are also doing some great things within their company for the employees. Their internal brand is “Making a Difference, You Take Care of Your Customers and We’ll Take Care of You!” (I worked for a company once and their motto was “You take care of your customers, or we fire you”, as you can see Love’s has a MUCH more motivating campaign!)

Heritage created an internal website for Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores Corporate Office that features Love’s branded items.

Each employee at the corporate office was given 10 Making a Difference (MAD) cards. When an employee observes another employee “living the brand”, they give them a MAD card. There is a space on the back of the card to write what the employee did to “make a difference”. Once the card is filled out, the card is delivered to the employee, and the employee can redeem it online to order Love’s merchandise.

The program is employee-driven, so the spirit of recognition is in the employees hands! The human relations department at Love’s tracks weekly what cards are given, and to date 290 employees have given cards, and 314 have received cards. The program is working well for the corporate office, and the employees appreciate the recognition.

We receive the orders here at Heritage and every other week we hand deliver gift bags, with hand written notes attached, to the corporate office. The folks at Love’s then deliver the bags to the employees, it’s personal and makes the employees feel special! When employees receive their gift bags it literally changes their life! (Okay…. so maybe its not life changing, but the point is, they’re happy!! And making people happy is what we specialize in!)

Great job Love’s for inspiring your employees to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Editors Note: MAD is not the only program we have partnered with Love’s on. We also work with Love’s subsidiary companies (Musket & Gemini) on their online uniform ordering program. WHAT? You want us to blog about that too? Okay, okay…patience grasshopper. Patience.

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