Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bus Stop.....

Recently we produced a very cool piece for an emerging design studio in Oklahoma City, Studio fj, and their client ACOG. ACOG is the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments, and their purpose is to aid local governments in planning for common needs, cooperating for mutual benefit, and coordinating for sound regional development. ACOG is an organization of, by and for local governments that allows member entities to work in partnership to address issues or problems common to many jurisdictions. This regional cooperation serves to strengthen both the individual and collective capabilities of local governments.

This cool piece that the talented team over at Studio fj designed was the School Bus Idling Reduction: Project Report & Implementation Guide for Oklahoma School Districts. (Yes kids, you still have to write reports when you’re finished with school!)

The design was headed up by Studio fj's Owner, James Harber, and designer Kaleb Nimz. The introduction from the report states the following: “School bus idling wastes fuel and financial resources while producing exhaust emission that are harmful to human health and the environment. Beginning in late 2006, ACOG, Choctaw-Nicoma Park Public Schools, and the OK Department of Environmental Quality undertook a two-year project to determine the extent of fuel and emissions saving that OK school districts might expect by instituting a maximum five-minute school bus idling policy. This report offers the study’s finding to public school districts in Oklahoma and elsewhere so that limited resources can be maximized and children, teachers, bus drivers, parents, school administrations and other can enjoy the benefits of a healthier environment.” It amazes me all that goes in to making our city, country, and world environmentally safe and protected, and it makes me see how much we take for granted.

I know you’re thinking, “KJ aren’t you going to tell us WHY the printed piece was so cool??” Of course I am! Studio fj wanted to take a fresh approach and do something a little different with this project. It has spot UV on uncoated stock. (Gasp!)

In the past spot UV was used on coated stock to give a high definition finish and shine. When applied to uncoated stock it absorbed into the stock and really did nothing, you couldn’t even tell anything was different. Thanks to products and technology it is now possible to apply the spot UV on uncoated stock and achieve great contrast, and that’s just what we did. Also a readymade envelope was purchased and we printed it digitally in four color process. See…told you it was super cool!
Great design Studio fj! ACOG we thank you for researching the harmful effects of school bus emissions, therefore promoting a clean city for all of us!


  1. Thanks Kathleen for commenting! I loved the little bubbles for the exhaust.

  2. The masses demand larger photos!

  3. Well I'll need to demand a bigger and better camera! I'll work on it....

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