Friday, October 23, 2009

Check it out!

I usually don’t do two blog posts in one week but this event is tomorrow...and it’s so important I HAD to share it with you! Our promotional products team (remember we call them the ASI group) recently helped Integris come up with a few products to feature for Men’s Health University. This was tricky since the Men’s Health University covers a few subjects that we don’t freely talk about! Why don’t we talk about it??? We talk about breast cancer awareness all the time, but subjects for men’s health aren’t addressed as much! That is one main reason why Integris began this program.

This came from the Integris Men’s Health website…

Getting men to schedule annual check-ups is at best like pulling teeth. The alpha-male is taught from an early age that their individual health is not a main concern. The hunter/gatherer looks to take care of the family first, although by overlooking their own health they are doing the family a disservice. Men usually delay or avoid seeking medical attention even when they know something could be wrong.

That's why INTEGRIS Health has developed Men's Health University. Men-U gives men the opportunity for free health checks and cancer screenings in a tailgate party environment with food and door prizes. 

The 2009 Men's Health University will be Saturday, October 24th from 9:00 a.m. to noon at the Francis Tuttle Techonology Center - Reno Campus, which is located at 7301 W. Reno.

The health and cancer screenings include: Glucose, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Vision, Hearing, EKG, Prostate, Colon, Oral, Skin and Colo-Rectal.

We ordered two products for Integris. The first was a self exam card that says “Hey Guys, Get Checked!” It gives detailed instructions for guys to do self examinations (so detailed, in fact, that I won’t be sharing them with you here, but I do encourage you guys to check out the Integris Men’s Health website! There’s a ton of great information and resources on the site!) Also we ordered a scroll pen, it features a chart with ages that men should have routine examinations. We feel like this is a great program, and think the folks at Integris do a wonderful job of keeping the state educated on potential health risks!

So tell the men in your life to get up, get out and "get checked" tomorrow!!

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