Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pimp My Pumpkin

Today at Heritage we had our first annual PIMP MY PUMPKIN contest! There were two different categories, carved and decorated! It was fun to see what everyone showed up with.

Ezmerelda was entered in the carved pumpkin contest. She was GREAT, and extremely detailed! (I need a better camera so I can take pictures of things like.....pumpkins! Feel free to leave the boss a blog comment requesting that I get a high-end professional camera! No really...go ahead.)
Ezmeralda witched her way right in to 2nd place!

We also had a carved John Deere pumpkin. All the guys loved this one! Why are guys so fascinated with tractors, and things that are spray painted green?? Whatever the reason, that great design and spray paint won that tractor lovin' boy $50 cash for 1st prize in the carved category!

In the decorated category we had 5 pumpkins to choose from!

Murray the Mummy was adorable! He had a little glittered head and squiggly eyes. He was super cute! So cute in fact, he won second place in the decorated contest!

We needed a high end arts category for the next two. The Nightwatchmen and the Naked Eye of Objectivity is our next featured pumpkin. It was a creative design and I always love a pumpkin with a story!

Can you say Better Homes & Gardens? This fabulous trio of pumpkins was amazing. The title of it was Nightmare before Christmas Tree. It's hard to see, but there are small holes drilled through the two bottom pumpkins and lights inside. It was impressive to say the least.

The Octomom pumpkin was featured with a few of her little ones. As you can tell by her expression she was overjoyed with her 1st prize recognition. Doesn't she look thrilled? She's hoping to get a Pimp My Pumpkin book deal.

And finally we had an adorable crafty pumpkin with an equally adorable title, "Sassy & Flashy I wanna WIN some Cashy!"

Stay tuned for another exciting contest from your friends at Heritage. Pimp my...Christmas Wreathe, maybe? Okay maybe not.


  1. Nightmare before christmas tree is awesome!

  2. Jane, I know! Julie Harman made it, and I think she needs to sell pumpkins too. Maybe we could offer that at Heritage...Print - Promote - Pumpkins! Thanks for the comment.

  3. Thank you Vivian - I totally stole the idea from


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