Thursday, November 5, 2009

Got Uniforms?

Remember a few weeks ago when I blogged about the Love’s Corporation and I talked about the uniform program we offer for their subsidiary companies, Gemini & Musket? Well if you don’t remember you should click here!

With around 400 employees combined, the Musket division handles fuel distribution and Gemini Motor Transport operates 190 trucks, servicing Love’s Travel Stops and other fueling stations across the United States. All that makes perfect sense now, right? Well…since that’s cleared up, now you’re wondering how Heritage provides solutions to them. (If you weren’t wondering that, just play along with me please.)

Musket & Gemini needed to come up with a way for their truck driving employees to order uniforms. You know things like….

fire retardant jump suits! (I wanted to have a video of our Director of Sales, Curtis Jones, wearing one of these suits. I thought we could have the sales team light him on fire so you could see how the suits really do work….wouldn’t you know that HR gets in the way of all my fun ideas!)

Let’s get back on track, Heritage created an online store for Musket & Gemini employees. A draw-down account feature was used to identify what each employee had to spend on uniforms. When the employee logs onto the website the amount they have to spend is clearly visible on the site. As items are purchased throughout the year, the dollar amount decreases automatically. Both companies have been pleased with the ease of the system and they like the fact that they can easily track what dollars are being spent. (Please note that there’s more than just uniforms on these sites! Managers have the ability to login to order promotional products, holiday gifts, service awards, mailings and much more!)

We do wear many hats here at Heritage. You knew we did print, and you knew we sold promotional products, but I’m guessing you had no idea we managed online uniform stores too! We need to work that into our title: Heritage...Your Print, Promotional, Fulfillment and Uniform Solutions Source! Like it??? What?? Geeze…I asked to light one person on fire and suddenly none of my ideas are good!

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