Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We're thankful...

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!
~Your Friends at Heritage

We really do have so much to be thankful for. So much, in fact, that we've compiled a list (I know you're shocked.)
At Heritage...

We're thankful for soldiers protecting our freedom.
We're thankful for our families.
We're thankful for the smell of aqueous in the morning.
We're thankful for recycling.
We're thankful for all of our wonderful customers who have become friends.
We're thankful for people who love chotskies, toys, prizes and gifts with their logo on them!
We're thankful for trade shows in Vegas. Anytime you can work and be in Vegas is a good day!
We're thankful for healthy children.
We're thankful that there's not a turkey shortage this year. Yum.
We're thankful that people still want to "touch" what they read.
We're thankful that we don't have to listen to oldies music everyday. Just Fridays. (Dave, please don't fire me...Rachael said it.)
We're thankful for halftone dots.
We're thankful for having turkey sandwiches nine meals in a row after Thanksgiving is over.
We're thankful for elastic waist bands, since we ate turkey sandwiches for nine meals in a row.
We're thankful that fighting construction on I-40 to work each day gives us an automatic excuse for being 10 minutes late to work!
We're thankful for PMS 388.
We're thankful for paper…we really love paper.
We're thankful for the fridge in the front conference room.
We're thankful for coffee.
We're thankful for pot-luck lunches this place can throw.
We're thankful for fun & dedicated co-workers.
We're thankful for large folding machines that can double as a tornado shelter (that's another blog post for another day).
We're thankful for the sound of the presses running on a daily basis.
We're thankful that we no longer have to say we have "strippers" that work at Heritage, but we do have call girls that work in our call center....wait, that doesn't sound right...I should stop typing now....really I should. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Just a second we have 2 former strippers, right Tim?


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