Thursday, September 10, 2009

Over A Billion Served Daily

Okay so we don’t serve up a billion post cards “daily” but we’ve printed a few million post cards for this powerhouse company. Trost Consulting has partnered with Heritage for the past couple of years, and we work closely with them to provide high quality post cards for their clients.

Trost specializes in television, marketing, and direct mail campaigns.

Not only does Tracy Trost own Trost Consulting, he also owns Trost Moving Pictures. Did you catch that folks, Moving Pictures = Movies. Yes that’s right, he’s a film director. How cool is that? (Oh by the way Tracy, I did have leading roles in my high school performances of The Miracle Worker, Alice in Wonderland, and 1940’s Radio Hour. I’m just saying, if you ever needed…someone for tryouts...maybe...yeah okay, just have your people call my people.)

Okay, okay back to the movie….FIND ME, the first feature film of Trost Moving Pictures actually began in a company meeting when Tracy challenged his employees to clearly define a life goal and take little steps each day to make it happen.

To his surprise, one employee turned the tables on her boss and asked him what his dream was and
what steps he was taking to make it happen. As it turned out, Tracy hadn't taken any steps towards his goal of directing a feature film at the time and wanting to set the precedent for his employees, he
took his first step right then and there.

The journey started with a multitude of rough drafts and rewrites of the script that would eventually become FIND ME. Then, in November of 2008 an outpouring of Tracy's closest friends descended on Tulsa, OK to help make his dream a reality. FIND ME was shot in only 9 days, a monumental feat and then after months of editing, scoring, and graphics it was released on DVD May 30, 2009 to great reviews.
FIND ME is a story of faith, hope, and forgiveness and revolves around the sport of geocaching. It follows two college students who stumble into a kidnapper's deadly game and must face the choices of their past as they work to rescue a Senator's son who has been kidnapped. (Get your copy today!)

Not one to rest after the realization of his dream, Tracy has already begun working on his second
feature film, a Christmas themed movie that he is planning on shooting this winter and releasing
during the 2010 holiday season.

And as they say in the movies, "He lived happily ever after..."

The End

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