Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meet Curtis

This week is the first week for us to bring you a new feature we’d like to call “Meet & Greet”. Occasionally we’ll introduce you to someone from our amazing staff. (Sounds exciting, right?)

I know you read the title “Meet Curtis” and you’re thinking tell me more about this Curtis fellow. Well, my friend, it’s your lucky day. Here’s everything you never wanted to know about Curtis T. Jones.

The T stands for:
a) Thomas b) Troy c)Tyrone d) Tiger e) T-bone

You’ll have to wait for the answer, I’m not gonna give that away so soon!

Curtis has been in the printing industry for 24 years, and he attended Central State University. (For our readers under the age of 25, Central State’s the old name for UCO. The really old name. Really, really, really old name.)

He moved to Atlanta in 1989 and went to work for a Sales Incentive Marketing firm, and then left there to work for his largest print vendor as the plant manager. He moved back to Oklahoma in 1995, and started calling friends in the "biz" and they said, “You should go to work for Dave at Heritage!” It took several interviews but somehow Dave was tricked into hiring Curtis as a salesmen. Curtis also took on the responsibility of heading up the estimating department, until Dave tricked him into accepting the position as Chief Manufacturing Officer. He did that until 2005, and at that time Curtis went back to Atlanta to take care of some family biznas. (I say biznas, because that’s true Curtis lingo.) So he got back taking care of his family biznas in 2007 and somehow Curtis tricked Dave again, and he was hired to head up the sales team. And here we are today Curtis Tyrone Jones, Director of Sales & Marketing.

Because we love Curtis so much, we’ve compiled the “Top 10 Nicest Things We Could Think to Say About Curtis” list….

10. He’s smarter than your average bear. (We don’t know many bears, but we can only imagine he HAS to be smarter than one.)
9. He’s fun to drink with.
8. If Curtis gives you one of his dress shirts you don't have to worry about the sleeves being too long.
7. He’s an excel God. (Really! We bow to you, oh great one.)
6. Curtis is a great teacher… IF you can get him to sit still long enough to teach you something. (Can you say A.D.D? “Oh look, a chicken”)
5. He can design a pop-up, funky shaped, complicated box with his eyes closed. Then once it’s designed, he shows you how cool it is, over and over, and over.
4. He has more golf shoes then dress shoes
3. He moved to Atlanta and missed us so much, he had to come back…or the authorities made him, we’re not really sure!
2. He’s addicted to Drawords, and his true goal in life is to win one week, and be published on their site. (If you’re not addicted to Drawords yet, check it out…you won’t be able to stop yourself.)

And the #1 Nicest Thing We Could Think to Say About Curtis is...
1. He’s a great dad, great friend, and great to work with. (Awww man, that one’s gonna go right to his head.)

Now lets talk about the real reason we’re featuring “Meet Curtis” this week. On Monday, September 21st, Curtis is getting hitched, tying the knot, taking the plunge….YEP he’s getting married to a doll named Lisa Ontiveros. (Yeah, Lisa we know why you’re marrying him, you want the last name Jones instead of Ontiveros…smart move.) So why should YOU care about their wedding? Because you’re invited!! Yes that’s right, you can attend their wedding, and you don’t even have to bring a gift. They're getting married in Las Vegas and it’s going to be web cast! (Which I think is super cool, hence the need to blog about it.)

All you need to do is CLICK HERE!

Select “View Live Weddings”
Select “Other Cameras”
Select “The Terrace”

Again, it’s Monday, September 21st at 5:00 PM (CST).

Congratulations Curtis & Lisa... and they lived happily...EVEN after!" (What? Isn't that how the saying goes?)


  1. Who gets married on a Monday???
    Congratulations Lisa & Curtis!

  2. It's nice to know I've got some Drawords competition! Even though I can't seem to break the runners-up list -,,,,,

    So I say we make a wager - If I win one first, Traction gets a free print job. If Curtis wins first, Traction gets a free print job.

    Good Luck!

  3. Tanner talk to Julie about this....I'm sure she can'T help you! ; )

    About've made runner up! Impressive. We spend most of Monday trying to come up with responses. (Uh...Dave you're not reading this are you?) Okay, yeah back to work...


  4. Congrats T-rone & Lisa!
    Lisa, I've never met you but you have my deepest sympathy. You obviously have very very bad vision problems. :-)

    - Eric from SEA

  5. Eric,

    Thanks for your comment, and that was a key point I left out. Lisa IS blind! Makes more sense now, hu!?! ; )



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