Friday, July 24, 2009


So you’ve seen the EASY button, right? Well… we’ve got the EASIER button. (Just remember you saw it here first!)

This little do-dad is so cool.

It’s a light up USB smart button. What does that mean? Well, I’ll tell ya. Let’s say you’re launching a new website, introducing a new product/service, or maybe have a link to a web application that you want your customers to see. You call HERITAGE at 800.654.1713 and order some smart buttons with your logo on them and then program the buttons to link to the URL you want your customers to access. You send the buttons out to your customers... it's that easy!
Then (here comes the fun part).....

They plug this….

Into this...

Then they click this...
Once they click the button it takes them to the site that has been programmed!
TOLD YOU it was cool!

Our ASI Team (ASI stands for… "Our awesome promotional products team that specializes in finding spectacular products for you and your company” …yeah, we couldn’t fit all that on a business card, so we just call them ASI) does an amazing job finding cool products for our customers. They have over 800,000 items to choose from…and I just showed you one item, so we’ve got at least 799,999 more blog posts to come…..stay tuned!

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