Thursday, April 12, 2012

We Roll On...

Mid 2011, we decided that we should look at a new brand message for Heritage. People knew us as Heritage Press and even though that was what our “heritage” was built on our solutions & capabilities had outgrown the name. Plus, us saying “we’re more than just a printer” was getting old. So we began the process, which started with finding someone to hold our hand – and help lead the way.

We picked these girls, and they are amazing. Really amazing.

They interviewed management. They interviewed employees. They interviewed the sales team. They interviewed management again. It was a lot of details and digging – but they helped make it fun all along the way!

So fast-forward to February 29, 2012 – Roll out day! Even though we wanted our message to be clear to our clients and clients-to-be, we needed our message to be clear inside the walls of Heritage! We believed it – we needed our employees to believe it!

Our launch included a breakfast for our employees where management talked about our 38 year history and the reasons why (as a company) we decided to move ahead in this very well defined direction. Then the gals at Braid Creative talked about the vision behind our new message.

It was a great day. It sparked interest, excitement, and we were ready as a team to go out and conquer the world as an Integrated Resource! (That might be a little strong, but we were excited.)

So here we are – Heritage, The Integrated Resource. We are the integrated resource for companies who are looking to promote strategically, print resourcefully and distribute smoothly.

So now go to our website, right here – and watch our video! Then enter our contest to win a Kindle Fire. (See it WAS worth your time reading this!)

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