Thursday, January 28, 2010

I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…

Thank God.

The higher up powers at Heritage thought it would be a good idea to send Jodie and I to Paper School. Why? Because she and I knew nothing about paper. Nothing. Well other than critical terms like “when it’s shiny that like means it’s glossy”. (NOW you see why they sent us!)

Jodie works as sales support assisting all our account reps and account managers…the entire sales team, and she also helps me out with marketing projects as well (she’s a busy gal). Apparently they didn’t want to send us on the trip alone because paper school can get “crazy wicked wild”…so Curtis (VP of Sales) went to meet some clients as well. (He doesn’t need paper school.)

You learn a lot about co-workers when you travel together. Like for instance when Curtis tried to navigate through the city with the gps application on his iphone.

We were in the car a total of 4.5 hours and got lost 4 times (you do the math)! This caused my blood pressure to sky rocket and it caused Jodie to actually dig out a paper map! (Ahhh, thank God for the old fashioned paper map!) We did bond on the trip, which is normal after you yell at someone “that gps is a piece of…” ahem, well you get the point.

Our three largest paper vendors are Xpedx, Clampitt & Unisource. (We love them all.) Since Curtis was headed to Kansas we hit the Xpedx paper school, and we learned so much!

How paper was made, poor paper formation, all about uncoated, coated, felt, text, cover, opaque, newsprint, parchment, vellum, linen..the list goes on and on (really on, and on). It was fascinating, and now Jodie and I are testing our knowledge by feeling paper and trying to guess what it is! We're getting better.....

I think our sales team has a combined printing and paper background of like 185 years…so they have been kind enough to work with us and pass on their wisdom. (Patience young grasshopper, patience.)

If you need more info about paper, or aren’t sure what paper to use or what effect you want…..ask the professionals! (That’s US!) Use that combined experience of 185 years, we know what we're talking about!


  1. Hi Heritage friends! We were so glad you could join us at xpedx in Kansas and glad your paper map helped you find us! PAPER is one of our favorite things and sharing our love for paper is all in a day's work. If you need any samples or dummies be sure to call and if you need a GPS that works, Garmin is right here in Olathe!

  2. MARIE! You guys rocked! We really did have a great time and learned so much too! Ah yes the Garmin...Curtis does need one! ; ) Thanks again for everything and thanks for the comment!


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