Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year...NEW LOOK!

Today I am shedding tears of joy.

Why, you ask?

It's here. It is finally here. Heritage has a NEW WEBSITE! (Insert thunderous applause.)

Tell your friends and family, shout it from the rooftops, "Heritage has a new website!" (Okay...why am I the only one on the roof?)

We are all FLYING HIGH with excitement over this new website, and we want you to CLICK HERE to check it out. Then after you've checked it out, CLICK HERE to fill out 10 questions about Heritage and what you learned from our site. (Don't worry these aren't ACT questions, it's simple stuff, I promise!)

What do you get out of it???

Well, I'll tell ya!

After you've answered the questions you'll be entered to win 2 plane tickets to anywhere you wanna go! (Well almost can fly anywhere with Southwest, and that's a lot of places!)

I know you've got questions...go ahead, ask them.

Q. KJ, all I have to do is check out the amazing Heritage website, and then answer 10 really easy questions, and I am entered to win?

Q. Can I tell my friends and family to take the survey?

Q. Can I take the survey 872 times in one day to increase my chances of winning?
A. Uh, NO. Sorry, you can only take it once.

Q. I work at Heritage and only read your blog because you email it to us each week and pretty much force us to read it. Can I take the survey and win the plane tickets?
A. Awww, thanks for reading! And can take the survey, but you won't be qualified to win the tickets. (And neither can anyone else who lives at your address. Sorry.)

Q. What's the deadline to fill out this super easy survey?
A. February 17th! I will announce the winner on our blog Thursday morning, Feb 18th!

If you have any questions that I didn't answer, you can email me at

Go check out the website, take the survey and you could be the winner! Good luck!


  1. Love the site! you are so awesome!

  2. Thanks Risa & Lesley! Glad you all like the new site!


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