Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mix Masters

Recently we helped our friends over at Dr Pepper design a totally cool t-shirt for their client SONIC. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill t-shirts. These are color changing shirts, that actually change color when they’re in the sun! Pretty cool, right? We thought so. The lemon & the lime on the front of the shirt look just like the rest of the shirt, until they are exposed to sunlight and they turn green and yellow. Awesomeness.

The designers that worked on this project did an amazing job on the creativity…I mean come’on, a boom box with lemon and lime speakers and the slogan “Mix Master” – it’s genius. Get it? It’s for SONIC…where you can order a cherry-orange-blueberry-coconut-diet-Dr Pepper-with-a-splash-of-lime. Definitely Mix Masters. (Makes me curious what the oddest combinations they’ve ever been asked are!??! Hmmmm.)

So the next time you need a t-shirt designed and the group says “we want something different” talk to Heritage about a color changing t-shirt! And...the next time you need an ice cold Dr Pepper run over to the nearest SONIC and create your own specialty!

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