Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hey, there’s a coffee cup in the mail box.

We do a lot of printing at Heritage, but you already knew that. We print all sorts of things that are plain-Jane, ordinary, different, fun, unique, wild, complicated, and amazing. The pieces we printed for Cubic, a Tulsa-based creative agency, and their customer Cox Business were unique, complicated, and amazing all rolled into one!

The goal of the project was to get new customers for Cox Business.

This is the approach Heritage & Cubic came up with:

#1. Send an introduction. Did you know that you can actually mail a handshake? Well, you can. A printed piece was created with a matching envelope – the card represented the Cox Business Sales person actually introducing themselves to the potential customer-to-be. The 3D mailer was an actual hand that came right out of the card when it was opened. (Remember…unique, complicated, amazing!) Talk about attention getting.

#2. If the “hi, how are ya” handshake didn’t get their attention, there was more to come. Two weeks after the handshake mailer went out, the second round was sent. For those folks that didn’t respond to the handshake, they received a coffee cup. Did you read that? They received a coffee cup. Not a plastic or glass coffee cup all wrapped up in a box – but an actual paper coffee cup that was shrink-wrapped and mailed. It took our account manager and the team several “tries” to make sure they got it right.

They had to make sure the coffee cup would mail correctly, and not crush when mailed. They tried spraying spray foam inside the cup, they tried filling it with paper, and bubble wrap – and after each sample they would mail it to themselves to test it. How did it look after mailing?? Did it stay looking like a cup, or did it look like a truck drove over it??

They finally found the perfect thing to hold the cup solid so it wouldn’t crush in the mail – it worked! Yay! (Oh, you wanted me to tell you what they used? Yeah, I can’t do that. It’s a secret recipe now.)

Inside the cup was a packet of coffee and another call to action – a request to meet with the Cox Business sales rep. If they would schedule a meeting with the sales rep, they would also receive a $25 Starbucks gift card. This entire project was printed digitally, and used variable data imaging (meaning each piece was personalized to the recipient with great detail.)

When you’re coming up with ideas to “get noticed” do things that GET NOTICED!

We can shrink-wrap and mail all sorts of things – and we’d love to brainstorm with you about different things you and your company could mail to get noticed!

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