Thursday, August 27, 2009

And the winner is....

Each year Print Industries of America (PIA) awards printers for excellent, great, fabulous, wonderful, marvelous, print projects. (It doesn’t say all that on the award, but that’s what they mean!)

This year Heritage won an Award of Recognition for the 2007 Noble Foundation Annual Report. The award really goes to the designer, Kathleen Shannon with Third Degree Advertising (not only does Kathleen rock, so does 3rd Degree!) and the writers, editors and in-house photographer from the Noble Foundation. Kathleen and 3rd Degree have collaborated with the Noble Foundation on their past four annual reports, each of which have received multiple awards and recognitions (and were all printed by Heritage!).

Now let’s talk more about this particular design Kathleen did for the Noble Foundation. (We’ve got several items to blog about for the Foundation, they do a lot of cool stuff!)

Kathleen used a suede paper in two colors for the cover and wrap.
The embossing ... wow, it just makes it!

This piece is so very classy!

So, what do you know about the Noble Foundation? Here are some facts about this fabulous organization….

The Noble Foundation was established in 1945 by Lloyd Noble. Although he made his fortune in the oil business, he understood that the land and agriculture would be important long after the oil and gas were gone. Early programs at the Noble Foundation helped farmers and ranchers practice better land stewardship and resource conservation. Today, the Foundation has grown to include three operating divisions – Plant Biology, Forage Improvement and Agricultural – which work together to move science from the laboratory to the field.

The Ardmore-based organization employs 370 people, including 85 Ph.D. scientists from more than 25 different countries. It is Oklahoma’s largest private foundation and ranks No. 44 in the United States. Its plant science research covers the spectrum from the genetic level through field-level testing of new crops for eventual commercialization. Through an agricultural consultation program, the foundation also works directly with more than 1,600 Oklahoma and Texas farmers and ranchers to assist them in meeting their goals. This service is provided to the farmers at no cost.

Congrats again to Kathleen on her design, and congrats to the Noble Foundation on their fine work and dedication to making a difference!


  1. Aw, thanks for the props! Without Scott and the team at the Noble Foundation I couldn't do what I do so well for them. It truly is a collaborative effort with a wonderful team. And of course, you guys always make the final product look so damn good!

  2. You all are a great team!!!

    And....I think I'll pitch a new tag line to Dave..."Heritage, We make the final product look damn good!" I love it!!

    Thanks again Kathleen!

  3. OK. I’ll join the love fest. Kathleen is just an all-around cool person and makes the annual report process fun. She “gets” the Noble Foundation and always comes up with an elegantly understated design, which is further accentuated by her beautiful paper selection.

    Several talented people at the Noble Foundation contribute to these reports. They include our staff photographer, Broderick Stearns; our PR director and writer, Adam Calaway (who also won first place feature writing from the Oklahoma College Public Relations Association for a story in this report); and our eagle-eyed copy editor, Jackie Kelley.

    Thanks also to Heritage’s Laurie Shelley and Karen Lear who sweat the details for us and to the pressroom guys who always rise to the inevitable challenge (e.g., fine-lined metallic inks, unusual cover stocks, tone on tone printing) that we throw at them.

    -Scott, Publications Director @ the Noble Foundation

  4. Thank you Scott for the kind words, I will pass them along!


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