Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August Ad Club

Today Heritage had the pleasure of sponsoring the Oklahoma City Ad Club meeting. (We met at Will Rogers Theatre. I can't say that fast, can you? I say "Will Wogers" evewy time!)

The Ad Club hosts monthly meetings to promote professional development and networking opportunities. The group is made up of people from all corners of the advertising/communications industry, from advertising to marketing, broadcasting, public relations, event planning, graphic design and more. (YES, I copied that from their website, duh!)

Today's guest Speaker was Dirk Fowler with f2 Design out of Lubbock, Texas. Two words: He rocks.

He's designed concert posters for tons of clients including: Wilco, Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn, and No Doubt (Dirk you can send me one of those, it won't hurt my feelings!) I think what I liked most about what Dirk had to say was that he knew what he wanted, and he went after it! He made his dreams become reality. Inspiring.

We also gave away a delicious Braum's Ice Cream party basket as the door prize. Cuz who doesn't LOVE Braums? It was filled with yummy Braum's treats, and had a $20 gift card for the winner to purchase ice cream! My hope was the that the winner would use the treats and have a ice cream party in their office....that's what I would do if I won, because I love my co-workers!

If you attended Ad Club today and you're reading this blog post just so you can comment and try to win a Starbucks gift card, then....ROCK ON! Thanks for posting and hope you win! (Leave me your email address too, so I know how to find you!)

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