Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Paper of the Month

We're starting something new here at Heritage...the Paper of the Month!

Now when you receive a sample from Heritage it will be wrapped & sent to you in a wonderful new paper! All the details about the paper will be featured on the right side bar of the blog.

We love our friends at Clampitt Paper!

This month our feature paper is....


From the original “green” paper manufacturer, French Paper’s Speckletone is the first recycled sheet with visible flecks and shives. With it’s timeless look, French Speckletone puts the gritty back in integrity.

Conceived in 1955, Speckletone was created to inspire designers. As it turns out, it’s inspired a few imitators as well. Over the years, others have attempted to replicate French Speckletone’s incredibly appealing good looks. But what they can’t copy is the genuine character that goes into every sheet of French Paper.

French Speckletone is 100% recycled and contains 30% post consumer waste, is acid free, chlorine free and made with 100% green power. It is available in 16 colors. Basis weights available are 28#/70# writing, 80# text and cover and 100# cover. Also available is 140# cover in Starch White, Madero Beach and Kraft. Text weights are suitable for laser or ink jet printing.

Common uses for Speckletone are annual reports, financials, posters, stationery, identity systems, books, brochures, packaging, hang tags and marketing collateral.


  1. I'm so excited about French offering envelopes in all of their stocks! Mod-Tone here I come!

  2. Oh I know Kathleen, they're great!!!! Thanks for the comment!


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