Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to School

Each year about this time, OC (Oklahoma Christian University) produces their Parent View magazine.

The magazine is a great resource for parents that gives them important information on topics such as: the admission process, scholarships, housing options, federal loans, and financial aid. Speaking as a former Oklahoma Christian student, I encourage parents to get more involved in finding out what the SCHOOL is doing and less about what their child is doing! (But that’s just me.)

I wish we could add a feature on the blog where you can actually feel the paper & texture. Is that possible? Kind of like a scratch-n-sniff sticker? Try this, just stop by the information desk at OC and ask them if you could feel one of the Parent View magazines….hmmm, yeah, maybe you shouldn’t try that.

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about this piece (cue cheesy elevator music...) The cover was printed on Crystal Silk 80#cover, 4-color process with Soft touch Aqueous coating. (Elevator music continues) The inside pages are 60# Crystal Silk Text 4-color process with Satin Aqueous. Translation: It looks and feels really cool. (Seriously, if you’d like to see a sample, post a comment or email me and let me know.)


  1. Hi KJ,

    Thanks for featuring our magazine on your blog! I have Parent View sitting on my desk, and it does feel pretty cool. For anyone who can't physically get their hands on a copy and would still like to read it, you can find it online here:

    Stephen Bell
    Senior Web Designer
    Oklahoma Christian University

  2. Thanks Stephen! And thanks for posting the link, that's great.


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